We recently heard the leader of the Greens has negatively


We recently heard the leader of the Greens has negatively

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canada goose black friday sale Coleman canada goose outlet germany (Letters, October 17 ), in pointing out that “it is now almost impossible to buy property without two incomes”, highlights the major intergenerational problem of housing our population.Successive federal governments have failed to stem the insidious impact of negative gearing on housing prices; how any politician can claim to be pursuing “budget repair” and at the same time give a 50 per cent reduction on a capital gains tax is beyond my understanding.On the local scene things aren any better. Labor policy of phasing out stamp duty and increasing everybody rates presumably has made it cheaper canada goose outlet for investors to buy into property, the increased rates they face on their investment will in turn be passed onto tenants who will, in turn, find it harder to save for their own home.The Liberals are heavily influenced by private enterprise and groups such as the Property Council to keep the property boom continuing.We recently heard the leader of the Greens has negatively geared property along the light rail route.I fear for my grandchildren.Bill Bowron, FarrerA few home truthsAndrew Barr may well be cock a hoop about another apparent Labor victory, and claim a mandate for light rail, but he needs to canada goose outlet sale remember and acknowledge a number of important facts:(1) Labor has won just 12 out of the 25 seats and so can form a minority government only.(2) Labor received less than 39 per cent of primary votes across the whole Territory, which means that more than three in five people voted for a party other than Labor as a first preference.(3) In the southern electorates of Murrumbidgee and Brindabella Labor received less than 35 per cent of primary votes.Please remember Mr Barr that your government needs to govern for the whole of the ACT, not just the constituents of the Yerribi and Ginninderra electorates.You have much to do to convince the constituents of the Murrumbidgee and Brindabella that you also have their interests at heart.Don Sephton, GreenwayIneffective routeI have never been so disappointed by my fellow Canberrans, those who do not think it is a folly to have a tram line running through the centre of Canberra. This would potentially spoil the entrance to the nation capital and destroy our iconic broad avenues.Commonwealth Avenue is an historic avenue and in the Parliamentary triangle.Is nothing sacred? If our money is to be squandered on a tram I think a better route would have been more effective canada goose black friday sale.