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bill returns in Annapolis

For half a dozen years, canada goose uk shop environmentalists have pressed lawmakers to either ban or levy fees on the plastic and paper bags that stores give to customers.

And despite being defeated repeatedly, environmental activists are making a push for a “bag bill” again in Annapolis canada goose outlet black friday this year.

“We keep pushing,” said state Sen. Victor canada goose clearance sale R. Ramirez, a Prince George’s County Democrat who made his case canada goose to a Senate committee on Tuesday. A House of Delegates committee will review the bill starting next week.

This year’s version would ban stores from giving out plastic bags at the cash register, and the stores would be required to charge buy canada goose jacket customers a 10 cent fee for paper bags.

A group of state lawmakers wants to require big poultry companies to be responsible for the manure from their canada goose outlet canada chickens that are raised on family farms forcing a change in practice that the industry has opposed.

The Poultry Litter Requirement Act has the backing of canada goose outlet online uk top Democrats in the General.

But they’re up against a lobbying effort from bag manufacturers and recycling companies that has succeeded in killing canada goose outlet toronto factory the bill several years running.

“This is still the same misguided legislation,” said Mark T. Daniels, an executive with a South Carolina bag manufacturer who traveled to Annapolis canada goose outlet parka on behalf of the American Progressive Bag Alliance.

The bag canada goose outlet sale canada goose black friday sale manufacturers have been attempting to bat down bag bans and fees in cities and states across the country for years, though Daniels canada goose outlet reviews said the canada goose black friday sale interest in bag legislation seemed to have peaked several years ago.

The opposition from manufacturers is rooted in an argument that the bill would put a new fee on consumers that’s not needed. About 70 percent of plastic bags Canada Goose online are reused for pet waste, trash can liners and other uses, and 15 percent of them Canada Goose Jackets are recycled, Daniels said.

Ellen Valentino, a lobbyist representing gas stations, told lawmakers that canada goose outlet station owners would have canada goose outlet shop to change their cash registers to comply with the law. She said that many poor people walk to gas stations to buy food and diapers and the 10 canada goose clearance cent fee would be a burden to them.

“It is a tax,” she said.

The bag fee actually offers more transparency for consumers, said Del. Brooke E. Lierman, a Baltimore Democrat who is sponsoring the House version of the bill. Right now, the cost of bags is hidden in the price of goods at stores and this bill makes the cost clear to the public, Lierman said. And those canada goose outlet who use reusable bags won’t have to pay the hidden cost anymore, she said.

And the money that is raised will go toward cleaning up trash and preventing the use of bags, Lierman said.

“It’s a rare bill that accomplishes so many important goals,” Lierman said.

Julie Lawson, director of Trash Free Maryland, said the bill helps retailers because it lowers their overhead costs, as they get to keep up to 7 cents of the 10 cent fee per bag.

“That’s going to be a really big benefit” for struggling small businesses, Lawson said.

A few local jurisdictions have passed their own laws on paper and plastic bags, according to a nonpartisan analysis by the state Department of Legislative Services.

The Baltimore City Council approved a ban on plastic bags in 2014, but the bill was vetoed by the mayor. The city currently requires stores with food official canada goose outlet service licenses to only give bags when customers ask for them and must canada goose factory outlet offer recycling.