\u00a0For millions, the effects of climate change are so


\u00a0For millions, the effects of climate change are so

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cheap Canada Goose In 2013, researchers from Princeton University and the University of California Berkeley found that even slight spikes in temperature and precipitation have increased the risk of personal violence and social upheaval throughout human history.\u00a0The researchers found that just one standard deviation shift in heat or rainfall increases the risk of a riot, civil war or ethnic conflict by an average of about 14 percent. \u00a0For millions, the effects of climate change are so severe that leaving home is the only option for survival. Thirty two million people fled their homes because of extreme weather in 2012 alone, according to the United Nations.\u00a0Escaping hazards ranging from mudslides to drought, climate refugees add more stress to an already dire refugee situation worldwide. cheap Canada Goose

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