Thus men must play the numbers game


Thus men must play the numbers game

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canadian goose jacket Men cannot because sperm is biologically cheap. Thus men must play the numbers game. If you choose to participate in gay stuff you get to experience the female levels Canada Goose Jackets of attention but at the price of having to be with a man. Here the one specific example I can remember. I remember one time a jokey picture of me “eating” an action figure got used as some weird RPG thing about canada goose coats on sale like, a giant fat beast who loves chicken tenders or something. And one time my friend informed me that Google image searching “greasy neckbeard” led to a picture of me as one of the top results, which I thought was pretty fucking funny.. canadian goose jacket

She killed Wrex in my play through which I did NOT know was going to happen and I am forever mad about that. Most superheroes go through multiple relationships because you have to switch it up eventually. It probably seems compounded when they all appear in the same game, but for dozens of years Peter was with one girl only.

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