Though if you’re short in the thigh, the opposite may apply


Though if you’re short in the thigh, the opposite may apply

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Fake Hermes Bags (Those oil prices have lately become more volatile along with just about every asset class in the market.)The average passenger on a trip from Sydney to Melbourne consumes about one third of a barrel of oil. Average oil prices this year had risen by more than $US30 on last year values, which converts into a cost per head increase of around $10 on the Sydney Melbourne route, and even more for longer routes (because more fuel is burnt per passenger).While a stronger Aussie dollar has offset some of the cost impact of higher oil prices (about 50 per cent on my estimates), this shift is only beneficial if airlines have sufficient flexibility in their foreign exchange hedging programs to take advantage of that offset.Along the same lines, hedging fuel prices in an environment in which the oil price continues to increase only delays the onset of higher oil prices because hedge contracts are continuously reset at higher values.As a result, the airlines are not likely to be enjoying significant respite from higher oil prices as a result of using financial instruments such as swaps and options to hedge fuel.Seats surgeWhat we have also seen in the domestic market prior to the withdrawal of Tiger from service is much stronger growth in the number of seats than would normally occur. Over the first half of the financial year ending June 2011, seats or capacity in the domestic market grew at more than twice the long run average.While this would have easily soaked up demand five or six years ago hermes birkin crocodile bag replica without putting too much pressure on airfares, the same cannot be said today for at least three reasons.The first is that there are fewer Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide families who are willing to switch from driving to flying to the Gold and Sunshine Coast.The second is that more families are switching from domestic to overseas holidays for the first (and second) time, taking advantage of a strong Aussie the best replica hermes birkin bags dollar and cheap, low cost airfares to exotic locations such as Phuket and Bali as well as to visit our mates across the Tasman.Thirdly, Australian spending has been somewhat scarred by one of the worst financial crises to hit the global economy since the great depression.Without the withdrawal of Tiger, Jetstar, Virgin and to a lesser extent the back of Qantas planes would have been experiencing material downward pressure on their yields and revenue.Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin no doubt enjoyed their breather while Tiger was sitting on the sidelines because when Tiger resumes flying again and assuming CASA continues to give them the green light they should expect some exceptionally cheap air deals from the big cat in the hope to repair some of the customer relations they have suffered with a safety sensitive public.Tony Webber was Qantas Group general manager microeconomics and then chief economist between 2004 and April 2011 Fake Hermes Bags.