“Those lobbying for help are telling anyone who will listen on


“Those lobbying for help are telling anyone who will listen on

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canada goose black friday sale WASHINGTON, Sept 16 (Reuters) Bill Ford, chairman of Ford Motor Co added new urgency on Tuesday to industry lobbying canada goose outlet california for $25 billion in government loans, with financial sector turmoil prompting some in Congress to seek assurances privately that help for automakers would not be a bailout.Ford said he came away from meetings with a sense that lawmakers understood the financial services meltdown including late word of a massive government rescue of insurance giant American International Group was distinct from action to help automakers finance more fuel efficient vehicles.”I don’t think there has been any confusion at all,” he said.Nevertheless, there is some indication that worsening corporate upheaval involving major financial firms and the deepening regulatory response has cast a shadow over efforts to get quick congressional approval of billions in funds needed to issue canada goose coats the low interest loans to the auto industry.”There are a lot of questions, unfortunately, with what’s happening in the financial markets this week,” Rep. Candice Miller, a Michigan Republican, said after attending a meeting with Ford that included other members of the Michigan and Ohio delegations.”It’s not a walk in the park,” https://www.wcanadagoosecheap.com Miller said. “We keep trying to educate members that this is not a bailout.”Those lobbying for help are telling anyone who will listen on Capitol Hill that industry will pay back the loans with interest just like Chrysler did in the 1980s when it received loan guarantees to survive.Despite mounting concern about massive corporate bailouts and the quickening pace of business in Congress under a compressed timetable for action on several fronts, Miller said support among Democrats and Republicans is building for the automakers.Congressional leaders have said they hope to attach money for the auto loan program on must pass spending legislation that is likely to be signed by President George W canada goose black friday sale.