This, too, was already the plan


This, too, was already the plan

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Either they tweaked it over night or I got really lucky with my first 10 wins, because I was able to get the pants plus another win before losing all my tickets. Now I see what you saying about opponent seeming to have 2x the HP. Blew through my second batch of tickets without one win! And it seemed immensely more difficult than any of my previous duels..

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I recommend you remove both Bluetooth VR controllers from device manager (“forget this device”) then re run first time setup in the Windows Mixed Reality portal. I had a similar experience and it was because the firmware update part of WMR Portal setup only ran on one of my controller (it started before the other one had been paired/discovered). Rerunning the initial setup I was able to get both devices paired and found and the firmware update applied to both.

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