(This has never actually been a requirement of feminism


(This has never actually been a requirement of feminism

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replica celine bags “But once you know how to cook a brisket..” He trailed off, resuming the thought with: “I’m a beef guy.” I asked Neaves about his brisket recipe. He demured and smiled. How such people get there requires a lot of pretzel logic, so bear with me: They start with a false premise, that feminism requires that no woman ever say an uncharitable thing about another woman. (This has never actually been a requirement of feminism, or how could we criticize women like Sarah Palin or Phyllis Schlafly?) Then they zero in on the fact that Clinton said not nice things on occasion about her husband’s mistresses. They then pretend to be all appalled about what a terrible sexist she is, and claim she can no longer allowed to say anything about real sexism ever again.. replica celine bags

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