Therefore, you are being bored and left trying


Therefore, you are being bored and left trying

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Hermes Replica Bags Paul LawrieGet Sport updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe vice captain has been floored by a stomach virus and spent the last two days shut away from the rest of the team in his hotel room on doctor’s orders.The sickened Scot revealed his disappointment at not being able to help Darren Clarke prepare his players for today’s big Ryder Cup tee off but knows the best thing he could do was keep his distance for the sake of the rest.Lawrie said: “I felt unwell yesterday morning, went to course but came straight back and slept all day.”I saw the doctor in the afternoon who said I had virus and it was best to stay in room for a couple of days away from the team.”I also couldn’t go to the official dinner. I’m totally gutted as I’m never ill.”Lawrie’s fellow Scots vice captain Sam Torrance revealed he hopes the virus has been contained as so far none of the players have shown any signs of illness.Torrance said: “Paul’s not good at all he’s s through the eye of a needle from 50 feet.”It’s great for his diet, though!”He’s in his room and there’s nothing more we can do to stop it spreading.”We didn’t know until he got sick so if anyone else has got it it’s too late. But it’s not come out with anyone else yet.”In the meantime Torrance spent yesterday helping Danny Willett go through his final preparations as the Masters champion braces himself for a hot reception from the American crowd.The Englishman is expected to cop flak from the galleries after his brother Pete wrote an outrageous rant for an online magazine, branding American fans “fat, stupid, greedy, classless b.”But Torrance tipped Willett to handle any jeers that come his way when he steps on to the first tee for his rookie appearance in golf’s biggest atmosphere.Torrance added: “Danny had nothing to do with that, he had no control over it, he didn’t know it was happening and it’s hit him like a sledgehammer as well.”He’s deeply upset by it, he went straight to Davis Love to apologise for is and Davis said, don’t be daft, it wasn’t you or the European team.”It’s ancient history now. Hermes Replica Bags

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