There is no privilege to speak of


There is no privilege to speak of

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buy canada goose jacket Question 1: Was there any influence from the Whitehouse on how you conducted your investigation? And do you feel that it was appropriate? buy canada goose jacket

Question 2: As you know your investigation is vibrantlyI the American consciousness, and there have been many rumors about it, is there anything you would like to canada goose black friday sales toronto make sure is corrected, or particularly emphasized about any aspect of your investigation?

Question 3: Do you feel anything you’ve found out the president has done warrants this chamber to debate bringing article of impeachment to the floor? I remind you I did not ask if it was impeachable, or that it should be brought to the floor, just that the nature is serious enough for this chamber to discuss.

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Canada Goose Parka First off the branches were never intended to be equal. Congress is supposed to be the highest branch of canada goose baby uk government. Really reading the constitution and you’ll realize most of the governments canada goose outlet store calgary power comes through congress. They make the law, they fund the government, they approve any important post they alone can remove anyone in the government. They can override a veto, and they can change the constitution itself. Every other branch has to follow the laws that congress sets out, and is paid by them and is approved and removed by them, no other branch can do that. Canada Goose Parka

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canada goose coats on sale Congress can impeach judges and approve their hiring and call for amendments to the constitution. (Though amendments have to be approved by states legislature, or through a conditional convention which congress can assemble.) They can change the laws and judges will have to change their ruling accordingly. (And many times they suggest this as a solution to a problem which is presented before them. As in if congress doesn’t like it they can make a law like blank to change it.) canada goose coats on sale

Congress checks congress by having some of these things be through super majority, and by having two chambers. The branch itself is the most powerful, however an individual chamber is weak without agreement of the other, and within itself. Congress has abdicated some of its power/responsibility for ease of governance, and the size, but can always take it back the same way it gave the power.

Fun Fact: The third law ever passed under the constitution was the creation of the Federal court system.

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GPS works by telling you the exact time and position of a series satellites. Using this information with time delay of the transmission you can determine how far away you are from that satellite, with 4 of these you can triangulate your exact position in space at a certain time.

What I canada goose sale uk ladies think, obviously I don’t have access to it, is they simply make a stronger signal with a fake (spoofed) satellite position and time. This would cause the device doing the calculations (your phone or whatever) to conclude you are in the wrong place.

Canada Goose Online Basically, if you know some one is 5 miles from place A and 8 miles from place B and and 3 miles from place C, while knowing the exact locations of all three, you can draw a circle around each point on a map and where all three meet/intersect is where you are. But if any of those places or any combination of them gives you the wrong distance away then you would calculate yourself to be somewhere where you are not. Canada Goose Online

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Dude congress is a branch of government. It’s dangerous to allow the executive to not release information to the rest of the government.

We are not talking about releasing to the public but to congress.

The president is not allowed to hide what the government does from congress. He’s not allowed to hide criminal act he committed or under his direction from congress or any evidence of that either. It’s explicitly stated in SCOTUS rulings.

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canada goose clearance sale Impossible while compiling the report several people were indicted and convicted of crimes. There is certainly evidence of wrong doing as people have been convicted of wrong doing. canada goose clearance sale

From what we already know your premise is false.

The question is was there wrong doing done by the president or under his direction, which again we already know happened has his own lawyer admitted it, after being caught doing wrong under the direction of Trump (lying to Congress to start with).

To say this report will have “no evidence of wrong doing” mean your head has been under the sand for the last two years.

Now the real question is are these thing enough to prove that a criminal act occurred? Maybe not, but redacting half the report isn’t going to convince anyone. The technological and scientific advancement taken at the direction and/or funding from the government is something that you can’t ignore. The government funds R and cheap canada goose I mean real R not let’s add an antacid to this drug so people feel a little less nauseous. But let find a way Canada Goose Jackets to get rid of disease rather than treat a symptom. Not canada goose shop review let make battery life better, but what about making canada goose outlet in winnipeg the whole process more efficient and take less power to begin with, or dealing with where the power comes from originally. Hubble telescope, CERN etc. Computing would be 20 years behind if not for government involvement, medical discoveries would not have happened without some involvement.

The problem arises when you try to make science give you the answer you want, as science tends to just give you the real answer regardless of what you want if done right.

buy canada goose jacket cheap It’s very clear that congressional subpoenas are not something the court can easily over rule. canada goose outlet legit The question of jurisdiction is easily answered. (Standing and Jurisdiction are the most common reasons for the court to fail to act. ) buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk outlet They will of course try executive privilege, in which congress will say no we commissioned this report not you. There is no privilege to speak of. It’s impossible to say this is privileged advise when you refused to speak to the man when asked. There is no purposeful process as the mandate came from congress not the president. An investigation into cheap canada goose jacket womens the president is clearly a use of the House’s “sole power of Impeachment” canada goose uk outlet.