The RT current affairs programme


The RT current affairs programme

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Canada Goose Outlet THE Minister of State for Health, Risn Shortall is genuine about tackling the alcohol problem in Ireland according to Ballina man John Higgins but he feels she faces a difficult task going against the drinks industry.The RT current affairs programme, ‘The Frontline’ dedicated its entire programme last Monday to the issue of the cost of alcohol and invited Ballina man John Higgins and his wife Anne to appear in the audience. John and his family exclusively told their harrowing tale to The Mayo News at the end of October.The Higgins’ lost their son David to suicide last March and have called for an end to below cost selling of alcohol in supermarkets. On the show John canada goose jacket outlet montreal outlined how his son David lost his life after leaving a house party in the early hours of the morning and he believes that cheap alcohol canada goose outlet and all night house parties contributed to his son’s death.Following the programme, John and Anne spoke to Minister Shortall who was a guest on the show. Canada Goose Outlet

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