The good news is the profits will go to a children’s charity


The good news is the profits will go to a children’s charity

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Laptop bags go from geek to chic

Now the House of Givenchy designer has turned his hand to technology with canada goose outlet uk a creation that could have thousands of women leaping with joy in canada goose outlet toronto factory their Manolo Blahniks.

He has teamed up with Intel to take the laptop bag out of the world of geeky black nylon and into the world of chic.

Only 500 have been made, with 100 available in the UK. The good news is the profits will go to a children’s charity, something that MacDonald thought women would canada goose outlet canada appreciate.

Most pleasing for gadget freaks is that they are full of zippy and popper buttoned compartments for phones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), batteries, and memory sticks, buy canada goose jacket cheap never mind canada goose outlet new york city lipsticks.

He created them when he realised that although laptop bags already served their function well in protecting the goods inside, they did not exactly look good.

Many of Canada Goose Outlet them would canada goose uk shop be going out straight from work, but did not want to lug canada goose black friday sale around heavy “nylon, ugly, horrible” laptop bags.

“So I thought I should do one of those,” he says.

“I realised there was a real niche in the market for a lightweight stylish bag that had the technology in it to hold a computer, but canada goose outlet uk sale also the technology in it so that if you dropped the canada goose outlet bag, the laptop wouldn’t break.”

As laptops get slimmer and lighter, many working women are finding it canada goose outlet sale increasingly essential to carry them around.

With wi fi hotspots, allowing high speed net access without wires, popping up around the country in bars and cafes, staying connected on the canada goose store move is becoming an important part of the job.

“Computers and laptops are becoming a fashion accessory in their own right now,” MacDonald explains, particularly for aspiring Sex and the City chicks.

“But you don’t want to turn up to work in a gorgeous tailored canada goose outlet suit then carry around this horrible ugly bag”, he says.

They have inhabited the world that fashion forgot for so long Canada Goose online because the demand for style has not been there until now.

“All the design that went into laptop bags was focused on the travelling businessman.

“People never thought women were just as business orientated as men and that they have those roles too,” he says.

Now that they are, women are demanding the accessories to accompany their hi tech get a touch of hi tech fashion too.

“People want their computers and phones cheap Canada Goose to be functional and fashionable and there is a real crossover in products at the moment,” MacDonald argues.

“People want products that also associate them with a brand, an image.”

To MacDonald, people make choices in what technology cheap canada goose they buy based on the “feel good factor” and what it says about image canada goose outlet black friday or personality over what it can actually do.

Which is why he decided to design the bags in different canada goose outlet store colours, for the sophisticated, the understated and the loud.

The fashion industry in general is waking up to technology and is being forced to change as tech gets smaller, portable, part of a fashionable image and essential.

Technological developments in fabric, with Teflon coated clothing repelling rain and Lycra that needs no ironing, have successfully been adopted by the fashion industry.

But things are moving slowly towards wearable technologies canada goose black friday sale and creating garments that will accommodate them.

“If something has added value, customers will respond well to that,” says MacDonald.

As for the laptop bags, MacDonald predicts they will be copied on the High Street soon, a relief for those whose busy working lives do not pay sufficiently to afford such a luxury item.

What does your laptop bag look like? Do you care what it says about canada goose coats on sale you or do you just care about what it does? Tell us what you think

Love it. About time there was a designer laptop bag. And you don’t wander around dodgy streets with a designer handbag either, some of canada goose outlet online uk you guys are missing the point.