The disruption affects many government operations and the


The disruption affects many government operations and the

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Canada Goose sale Chuck Schumer, said the shutdown could end immediately if Trump simply dropped his demand for money that was the centerpiece of his canada goose uk official presidential campaign. Trump had pledged that Mexico canada goose lodge uk would pay for the wall; Mexico has want to open the government, you must abandon the wall, Schumer said.Democrats said they are open to other proposals that don include the wall, which Schumer said is too costly and unpopular. They have offered to keep spending at existing levels of $1.3 billion for border fencing and other security.The impasse blocks money for nine of 15 Cabinet level departments and dozens of agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security, Transportation, Interior, Agriculture, State and Justice.The disruption affects many government operations and the routines of 800,000 canada goose jacket outlet store federal employees. Canada Goose sale

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