The 10,000 things includes everything in our space


The 10,000 things includes everything in our space

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Watch What You Place Value On

To remind us who we really are.

There are two type of things in this world. Things of the material reality, and things of spirit. One we can see, and one we can’t. One seems real, the other begs questioning. But when it’s all said and done here, and we return to where we are from, we’re going to see exactly how backwards we really had it.

The Tao calls the things of this world, ‘The 10,000 canada goose outlet store uk Things’. In other words. all the ‘stuff’ we have around us. Our houses, cars, planes, money, jewelry, golf clubs and. stuff. Material, worldly creation. And it’s all beautiful. It’s all desirable. The challenge arises when we goose outlet canada give those things our attention, our focus and our love. When they become more important to us than who we really are, we’re headed away from our essence canada goose outlet black friday and alignment. Anyone of the 10,000 things can disappear in an instant. Anything that can’t is the Tao.

When we attach value to things, we protect them. We worry about them being taken from us. cheap canada goose When we judge one thing as better than another, we choose what we protect most. What we value most. And canada Canada Goose Online goose outlet nyc Canada Goose sale no matter how hard we try, this canada goose outlet jackets will never canada goose outlet uk bring canada goose coats us peace.

The moment canada goose store we let go of placing importance on things that are sure to someday disappear, peace arrives. The second we find what really matters most in this life, we become bathed in a peace that will never leave us separate.

What exists outside of the 10,000 things is the essence of what we really are. But none of those things can be touched, held, kept, protected or explained. Only loved. And this is the perfect paradox that we created when we decided to come here and experience what it feels like to canada goose outlet canada be who we aren’t.

Br removing any attachment you have to and and all of canada goose outlet new york city the 10,000 things, you can peek through the veil of this existence back into what we are and where we came from.

Now, the real challenge is this. The 10,000 things includes everything in our space. Even the people. Not the bond between you, or the love you share, or Canada Goose Outlet the purposeful service you give to those you hold dear, or the charity you give from a place of your uk canada goose outlet own canada goose outlet in usa worth. But we often give power to our EGO’s when we canada goose factory sale attach the value we place on who we thing we are to our relationships, or how and who we serve, and to whom and why canada goose we give. The desire to change someone’s life for the better is rooted in the Tao. The desire to have your name on a building for doing so is rooted in the world of 10,000 things.

Which do you hold on to which do let go of?

When you love for the sake of loving. you are a man or woman of the Tao. When you love for the sake of being loved back you are giving yourself to one of the 10,000 things. Love anyway.

When you give for the canada goose outlet sake of lifting the lives and burdens of another, you are a man or woman of the Tao. When you give for the recognition you get, internally or externally, you are giving yourself to another of the 10,000 things.

When you write an article about spirit because you want to share the lessons learned from losing all of the 10,000 things in one moment, and the beauty found in the things that remained. you might be a man of the Tao. When you wonder, care or concern yourself with what those who read it will think. you are giving power to another of the 10,000 things.

This is a tricky subject. Our Ego’s are incredibly crafty motivators, sometimes convincing us that we we do matters more than who we are. What what people see us do matters even more than that. This is a lie. It’s foundational to the 10,000 things.

My forthcoming book, The Tao The Entrepreneur (How To Lose Everything You Own On A Thursday) tells the story about how I learned this lesson. It describes how I went from making nearly 6 figures a week, to having nothing in one moment. More importantly, it describes the beautiful things I learned as I found my way back. I found out that what I had left was the only thing that mattered. And it teaches about how businesses, businessmen and woman have lost their way and place so much value on winning, competition and making money that they have ignored what matters most. canada goose outlet cheap canada goose online uk And that path leads to a dark place.

My Father always taught me that what you do in private defines your character. The reasons why you do what you do are an indication of how close you are to remembering who you really are.

We are all on the same journey. We are came from the same place. We’ll all be there again soon enough. In the meantime, pay attention to the mystery. And remind yourself why you would have created it this way.