straight to the public dumpster


straight to the public dumpster

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A group of plastic bag manufacturers is seeking to gather enough signatures to suspend California’s upcoming ban on single use plastic bags.

The group, called the American Progressive Bag Alliance, opposes plastic bag bans and taxes. It received permission canada goose outlet parka Friday from the California Secretary of State Debra Bowen to canada goose outlet canada begin collecting signatures in order canada goose outlet to qualify the referendum, which would postpone the law and Canada Goose Outlet bring it to the November 2016 ballot.

SB 270, signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Sept. 30, will ban plastic bags from grocery stores and pharmacies with some exceptions beginning July 2015 and will extend to canada goose outlet shop convenience and liquor stores in July 2016. Alameda County’s Reusable Bag Ordinance, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2013, banned businesses from distributing single use plastic bags.

The group needs 504,760 signatures, equivalent to canada goose outlet toronto factory 5 percent of the votes cast for governor in the last election, by Dec. 29 in order to qualify the referendum and challenge the bill.

The statement from the the alliance canada goose outlet black friday says that the ban will “jeopardize thousands of California manufacturing jobs, hurt the environment, and fleece consumers canada goose outlet uk for billions so grocery store shareholders and their union partners can line their pockets” if allowed to go into effect. plastics industry said in a statement supporting the group that the ban would hurt consumers and does not goose outlet canada help the environment.

“The lack of science or logic in SB 270 sets a disconcerting precedent for what legislators could do under the guise of environmental stewardship,” Carteaux said in canada goose black friday sale a statement.

“This new law will greatly reduce the flow of billions of single use plastic bags that litter our communities and harm our environment each year,” Padilla said in a statement. “Moving from single use plastic bags to reusable bags is common sense.”

Many Berkeley vendors will not see much change, because the city already implemented a similar plastic bag ban on Jan. 1, 2013.

Nearby at Sam’s Market on Telegraph Avenue, cashier Ramy Ayyad said he is behind conservative plastic bag use and would not sign the referendum.

On Northside, Mohamed Alameri of the Campus Store said the ban could be a positive change if applied to every store, but if some businesses such as restaurants are permitted the bags, then he should be able to use them as well. He still uses plastic bags because they are more efficient, and he said he would sign the referendum to bring the ban to a vote.

California Voters. You will have a chance to vote for SB 270 but first, do the following:

Sign up to receive a petition in the mail in support of a referendum that will place SB 270 on the ballot in November 2016. Getting this on the ballot will let YOU decide what’s best for California!

h t t p : / / w w w. b a g t h e b a n. c o m / take action / california referendum

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First and foremost, register to vote today at registertovote dot ca dot gov. Secondly, contact the organization below as to where you can submit your signature to overturn SB 270.

All inquires or correspondence relative to this initiative to overturn SB 270 should be directed to

Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Gross Leoni, LLP,

1 4 1 5 L Street, Suite 1 2 0 0,

Hm as far as I aware you can either use your own reusable bag or pay for a paper bag. Paper bags are recyclable and compostable. I not really buying your points about reusable bags. Isn the point of a reusable bag that you keep using it? Are more resources used to produce one multi use thicker bag than several single use ones? In either case, the main issues with single use bags are that they pollute the environment, will never decompose, and harm animal and sea life. canada goose factory sale We have an island of trash twice the size of Texas floating out in the Pacific. I not ok with that.

I can understand your point about hygiene and disposables that why the ban doesn affect hospitals.

Many COUNTRIES have banned plastic bags. Canada Goose sale Why would they do it if it makes their lives SO difficult (if we even want to humor that as an argument)?

Banning single use carryout bags pollutes my car. There is severe pollution in the back of my car with a collection of reusable bags, shopping containers and boxes for shopping. It used to be empty before. Reusable bags hurt the environment. I waste water, electricity, soap, natural gas, dryer sheet washing and drying these bags. Hanging things to dry is prohibited by the homeowners association. The soap hurts the environment. That $2 for washer and $2 for dryer at the laundry mat.

I cannot afford to buy plastic trash bags to replace the free single use plastic bags. So I am throwing the dirty diapers, used tampons and sanitary napkins, fish, moldy food, left over food, dog poo, etc. straight to the public dumpster. If the birds and raccoons get to them and make a mess and canada goose outlet jackets the environment is littered with trash, this is not my issue. Normally, when I am out in the park or in public, I put my trash in a plastic shopping bag first then throw the bag in the public trash canada goose clearance can. Now, my left over food and drink will go straight to the public trash can and if the birds get to them, makes a mess and litters canada goose outlet online the environment, that is their problem. Not my fault that California will be severely littered like San Francisco and will smell bad like San Francisco.

If I am eating and there is no plastic bag to catch my food and the catsup, mustard and other condiments fall of the ground, I ain picking those up with my bare hands. Not my fault that the canada goose uk outlet ground is grimy like in San Francisco.

If my child has to puke in public and I do not have a plastic shopping bag to catch the puke, not my canada goose store fault that he is puking on the ground. Not my fault if the public trash cans get filled up easily because I cannot afford to buy plastic canada goose outlet trash bags from the store. I have to dump my trash in public trash cans/bins. Not my fault if California smells bad because the buy canada goose jacket cheap trash is no longer in plastic bags and the birds and animals got to the trash and scattered them all over the place. I can afford buy canada goose jacket to buy plastic trash bags. The free plastic shopping bags were my trash bags.