\” She recently took part in an insulin access workshop hosted


\” She recently took part in an insulin access workshop hosted

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Working across different clinical and non clinical disciplines, paediatric nurses and a paediatric consultant collaborated with the patient experience team at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust to lead on the development and implementation of a children’s health smartphone application (App) for staff, patients, their families and carers. This has significantly improved patient, carer and family experience as well as better use of resources locally.The paediatric team identified when shadowing patients on the children’s ward that at times parents and carers expressed worry or confusion due to not having the right information available to them at a time it was needed most. The nurses identified unwarranted variation in the use of information on the Trust’s website, as well as in the knowledge of families as to where to find the information to prepare them for their stay on the ward.What to changeFeedback was gathered from ward staff caring for patients and their families, as well as from patients and families themselves.

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