Sehyr wanted to bring international trends to Pakistan and she


Sehyr wanted to bring international trends to Pakistan and she

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Hand bags are a must have accessory for all women as canada goose outlet jackets they contain our canada goose outlet reviews wallets, makeup etc. However, handbags or clutches also stand out on their own as a fashion statement. An outdated handbag has the power to ruin the overall look and make a fashionista look like a fashion outcast. Hence, it’s essential to pay close attention to the bags one carries as they are one of the most sought after accessory to add to your fashion wardrobe. Nowadays, various designers are launching their handbag uk canada goose collections and one such name to enter the world of fashion with her remarkable handbags and clutches brand is Sehyr Anis. She is a LUMS graduate in Economics who went canada goose coats on to complete her Master’s degree from London. While working on her thesis she joined London School of Fashion to do a diploma in fashion merchandising.

Distinctiveness canada goose outlet black friday is the key word behind her brand ‘Quirky and Co.’ which is just three months old but has created vibes all over the place. Sehyr wanted to bring international trends to Pakistan and she has successfully done so as her brand offers name and book clutches that are unique and stylish. Read in to find out more about the brand and the designer. The idea came to me over a cup of coffee with a few friends and an interesting conversation regarding latest trends in bags and the shamelessly cheap cheap canada goose replicas of luxury branded bags that have invaded the market. I wanted to bring what is in fashion globally to the domestic market and have received a very thrilling response. One range is that of statement acrylic clutches in different shapes, sizes and colours that are very funky. The other range and the most popular one canada goose outlet sale is that of bespoke name clutches in canadian goose jacket which the customer has a choice to get their names or any word of their choice engraved on a palette of surfaces offered to them. We started off with English language but have more recently also started the Urdu/Arabic text for names. canada goose uk shop Our third range is that of picture totes on leather which are available in different shapes and sizes. Our fourth range is that of canada goose outlet hand crafted wooden clutches; in synch with global trends. And our fifth and very exciting canada goose black friday sale range is that canada goose outlet toronto factory of book clutches. Our customers can now get the cover uk canada goose outlet of any of their favourite books in the form of a clutch. In fact I can proudly say that my brand is the first to customise clutches in the country following the steps of some very famous internationally recognized accessory designers. This shows that people are open cheap canada goose uk to change and welcome it if they are given options. This brand gives them an opportunity to canada cheap Canada Goose goose outlet online uk stand canada goose store out from the rest and reflects canada goose outlet uk sale their fun independent and unique personalities. When a woman walks in, she’s summed up by her look and style and these clutches give out a very strong style statement. As we don’t want to compromise on the quality of the bags, we manufacture the metal frames for the bags from abroad but customize it canada goose outlet uk here. So, basically finding the right labour to manufacture the product and keeping quality controls in check is quite official canada goose outlet a task. I am a development practitioner who works for Government of the Punjab. That’s my day 9 5 job and I also am a development consultant.