Photo: Wikimedia CommonsTuesday night’s Berkeley City Council


Photo: Wikimedia CommonsTuesday night’s Berkeley City Council

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more demonstrations planned Tuesday night Berkeleyside

Old City Hall. Photo: Wikimedia CommonsTuesday night’s Berkeley City Council meeting has been canceled due to capacity issues, the mayor’s office has announced, but protests are still expectedto take place.

The announcement came Tuesday after three nights of lengthy demonstrations throughout townabout the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and the role race and policing played in those fatal interactions.

Protesters had announced plans to take over Berkeley’s Old Canada Goose sale City Hall during Tuesday night’s council meeting as part of a continuing effort to disrupt the status quo. this evening. The Council Chambers can hold about 125 people, and we understand substantially more people are interested in attending the meeting due to recent events in Berkeley. We want to ensure that the community has as much access as possible to public meetings. The Agenda for the December 9 meeting will be rescheduled for a future date and public notice will be given prior to that meeting. A notice of meeting cancellation will be issued by the City Clerk and publicly posted. canada goose outlet sale Two council members, Jesse Arregun and Kriss Worthington, said they will be at the Old City Hall steps tonight, and are looking into the legality of the meeting cancellation. Scroll down for details.]

Since Saturday, demonstrators have marched through the streets of Berkeley, Oakland and Canada Goose Outlet Emeryville, disrupting traffic on canada goose outlet uk roads and freeways.

Though many have espoused a desire to keep the protests peaceful, someleaders in the group have encouraged more aggressive tactics, and at least a dozen participants caused extensive damage in Berkeley on Sunday night, lighting trashcan fires, breaking windows to many local businesses and, in some cases, turning violent on anyone who tried to stop them.

The call was put out early Sunday morningontheSan Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center website for a “critical mass” of protesters to turn out in Berkeley on Tuesday night.

According to that notice, which was posted in response to the use by police of tear gas and rubber bullets canada goose outlet online uk to control the crowd Saturday night, the “Tuesday city council meeting cheap canada goose uk canada goose black friday sale must canada goose coats be shut down. City government needs to be brought to a halt.”

The message also calls for Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates to step down: “In response to the tear gassing of Telegraph Ave and the People’s Park area, Mayor Bates must resign. Bates resignation must be requested during the city council meeting of Dec 9th. It needs to be made clear that Bates political career is over; he does not represent Berkeley.”

The notice continued: “Shut down Berkeley city government. The police are waging war on the populous. If Bates won’t protect citizens from the police, then there needs to be mayor who will.”

The notice, which did not indicate who had posted it, cheap canada goose also called for the city to fire Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan, adding, “The dissolution of trust has been too great. The system is corrupt.

We are aware that protests are organized for this evening at the Berkeley City Council Chambers, across the street at Allston and Milvia. The meeting begins at 5:30 and we’re expecting crowds to gather near Berkeley High about 4:30.

After canada goose coats on sale school activities will continue. However,we are strongly recommending that students who are not involved in a supervised and sanctioned BHS after school program leave campus right canada goose outlet jackets after dismissal. Meetings will be postponed wherever possible.

Before the school day ends, we canada goose outlet store will close and monitor Allston gates and reroute student traffic to exits on the Milvia and MLK gates; parents are encouraged to consider alternative pick up routes on the south perimeter of campus along Channing Way between Milvia and MLK, or consider arranging pick up further north or south of the campus to avoid what almost certainly will be heavy traffic congestion on Shattuck, and all around the perimeter of the campus.

We are also adding additional security staff through the canada goose outlet in usa evening. Tuesday. Both men attended Monday night’s demonstration. Arregun said, too, that he is unsure of the legality of the cancellation of Tuesday night’s council meeting, and will investigation that with the city manager and mayor. Berkeleyside has sent several related questions to the city manager’s office to get clarification on the process by which the meeting was canceled. Arreguin’s statement appears below in full.

Thank you all for reaching out to me regarding the recent protests of the killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and police brutality in general.

I am personally outraged over these killings and strongly support overall goal of these protests which is to raise awareness of cheap Canada Goose the inequities in our criminal justice system and to make it clear that black lives matter. I have participated in these protests over the last Canada Goose online two days to show my solidarity for this movement. However, as the Councilmember for the Downtown, I am concerned over incidents of vandalism and violence by a small fringe segment of these protests whose goal is confrontation and damage not advancing the broader movement.

I understand canada goose clearance sale that these protests have elicited a wide range of feelings on all sides, which is why even though the Mayor has cancelled tonight’s City Council meeting, Councilmember Kriss Worthington and I will be on the steps of Old City Hall (2134 MLK) tonight at 7 pm to hear from the protestors and from residents about their views.

Hopefully through non violent action and through dialogue we can heal as a community and a country, and make positive change to prevent these incidents of police brutality from happening in canada goose jacket outlet the future.

More protests planned Tuesday night

Additional protests are planned for this evening at 7pm in Civic Center Park behind City Hall on MLK Jr. Way between Allston and Center. Originally protesters planned to shut down the City Council meeting across the street at Old City Hall. Mayor Bates this afternoon postponed the Council meeting, and the protesters moved their gathering spot across the street to the park.

We do not know the protester canada goose outlet uk sale plans for this evening once they meet in Civic Center Park. We hope if they march in the Downtown that it will be peaceful as it was last night. In preparation we advise you again to bring inside all outside objects that could be used as projectiles (signage, chairs, tables, trash receptacles) and be prepared to close your business if events become unruly. In particular, please be sure to canada goose outlet toronto factory take in all trash bins, and wait to bring out until tomorrow morning. We canada goose outlet want to canada goose outlet avoid any trash fires or misuse of bins.

If you have customers coming into the Downtown this evening we suggest they avoid the area around Civic Center Park, bordered by MLK Jr. Way, Allston, and Center St. As far as we know, all parking garages will be open this evening.