Phillip was previously Director of the Respiratory and


Phillip was previously Director of the Respiratory and

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buy canada goose jacket Between 1998 and 2003 he worked as Projects Manager and Cystic Fibrosis Business Development Manager at Profile Therapeutics plc, where he managed the Cystic Fibrosis business and played a major canada goose outlet website legit role in the development of its proprietary pharmaceutical unit, Profile Pharma Limited. Prior to this, he worked for Zimmer Limited, Genentech (UK) Limited and Roche Products Limited.Dr Philip MonkChief Scientific OfficerDr Phillip Monk joined Synairgen in October 2006 as Head of Bioscience Development and was appointed to canada goose outlet paypal the Board as Chief Scientific Officer in September 2009. Phillip was previously Director of the Respiratory and Inflammation Biology group at Cambridge Antibody Technology (‘CAT’) and led the scientific development of tralokinumab, an anti IL 13 antibody being developed for the treatment of severe asthma.Prior to joining CAT, he worked at Bayer AG within the respiratory disease therapeutic area, focusing on the development of novel therapies for asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis.John WardJohn Ward joined Synairgen canada goose outlet online store in October 2004 as buy canada goose jacket.