Not saying this should be the case


Not saying this should be the case

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uk canada goose Does GPT come canada goose outlet store uk before or after wiping the drive? Does partitioning come before or after GPT? I don quite know these things to this level, because the SCCM canada goose premium outlet task sequence I worked with previously was already built for that section of it, I just expanded on it massively. 6 points submitted 13 hours agoThere actually some value in a physical written down location of a password locked in a drawer, the value is that no one is able to sniff that out of traffic, or brute force their way into a location where physical passwords are stored, etc.Not saying this should be the case, and a password manager is the way to go always, but remember, if using a password manager with MFA/2FA, most of the time you have a recovery key that you print off and store in a secure location. Which is a perfect example of why physical password storage has some value.Marquis77Powering all the Shells 1 point submitted 9 hours agoBreaking a lock also requires a much lower skill threshold than writing or successfully delivering malware that can successfully read usernames and passwords off an excel sheet. uk canada goose

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