Mr Maher said his father’sbehaviour wentunchallenged by family


Mr Maher said his father’sbehaviour wentunchallenged by family

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Even if she had, there was no support available for victims, particularly those withchildren. Mr Maher said his father’sbehaviour wentunchallenged by family, friends and neighbours. He even savedhis”best performances” for special occasions. Mr Stott’s brother Antony collapsed and died while playing soccer for Thirroul Thunder at Thirroul’sThomas Gibson Park on July 16. His family has taken comfort in the fact that Thirroul Junior Football Club was able toaccess anautomated external defibrillator from the nearby bowling club, and that everything possible was done to save the much loved school teacher’s life. ”Thirroul soccer club was fortunate that day to have one at the nearby bowls club, but it highlighted the fact that access to such lifesaving equipment is not available at most amateur soccer grounds,” Mr Stottsaid.

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