Michael Lujan Bevacqua and produced by Tom Maxedon with


Michael Lujan Bevacqua and produced by Tom Maxedon with

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canada goose uk shop July 17, 2016 Ep. 247 “The PROMESA and the Colonial Crisis in Puerto Rico” (hosted by Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua and produced by Tom Maxedon with assistance from Alan Grossman) was recorded 6/2/16 in Managua, Nicaragua and airs 7/1/16. With reference to the question whether one may through one’s own fault bring on psychoses [as was expressly taught by the Protestant psychiatrist Heinroth (d. 1843)], modern psychiatry teaches as follows: as has been said above, there are many purely bodily causes of mental disease, in connexion with which there can be no question raised as to personal responsibility. In the case of alcoholism the matter is not so simple. canada goose uk shop

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