Locking discussion, suspending town hall threads and deleting


Locking discussion, suspending town hall threads and deleting

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Video doesn actually show the result, BUT if you watch the dirt in the top right portion of that hopper you see that it caves in a bit at the end, as if canada goose outlet 2015 something were pulling the center downwards. You can also see the person slowly move downwards off camera and they try grabbing onto the dirt before finally going out of view. It likely the bin/hopper they in is attached to a grinder or a funnel, both of which would likely end in death..

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Tide pools have water in them idiot. If an octopus is canadian goose coat black friday out of water it will die after a time. The amount of time they can survive out side of water is kinda alarming considering how smart they are but regardless they will eventually die. Locking discussion, suspending town hall threads and deleting the sub when things weren’t going your way is so incredibly disrespectful to people who had hoped to have a voice. That shows blatant disregard for the community. I don’t mean to be inflammatory, but so many of the actions taken in recent days have shown remarkably poor judgement and needs to be called out.

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