Learn to drive, then get to vote, smoke, join the military,


Learn to drive, then get to vote, smoke, join the military,

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Seriously. I saw from my 4,000 mile viewing distance that there was no effing way Brexit would result in anything good for the UK. To fulfill the obligation of working in the best interests of the nation, the UK Prime Minister (whoever it happened to be) could not have done anything different than openly tell the public, “It interesting to hear your concerns about remaining in the European Union.

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I ignored the warning signs because I wanted to believe I had done everything right, OP’s friend ignored red letters. Everything is easier if you just face up to this canada goose outlet store uk shit.Moritani 1 point submitted 1 day agoAspergers is the diagnosis they used to give to higher functioning autistic people (I have been diagnosed). Moving out of the home later in life likely has more to do with him being coddled and having a low income (big changes and high pressure situations like job interviews require some pushing, so he’s ended up on disability).There is NO excuse for this behavior.

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