” Lauren was young and very fit


” Lauren was young and very fit

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canada goose coats So I was under the impression that if I clonded C to D the drives should be identical? Well I tried disconnecting my wd 320 gb drive with partitions C and D, so that windows would ONLY boot into B. At first it gave me “BOOTMGR is missing” but after a repair of the vista boot loader with the Vista dvd, it would boot up but it would give me a blue screen (not bsod, just plain blue) with a message saying something like “activation failed please active” and canada goose clearance it gave me 3 options: “use limited functionality mode” “contact microsoft to resolve this issue” and “activate windows now”. (wording on all of this isn’t exactly the same, I couldn’t take a ss so im remembering off the top of my head) All the of the options give me errrors canada goose coats.