I’ve got no problems driving into these


I’ve got no problems driving into these

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Many regulatory agencies are under funded and neutered. They wont even give slap on the wrists unless it clear cut. They barely investigated our case.. I’ve got no problems driving into these, I’ve driven through fog that is worse. I basically slow right down, headlights are on (if car has a rear red fog light then that’s in also) and my hazards are on. When my car had a row of driving lights across the top (I have LED bar now) I would get out before entering the storm and point them at criss cross angles, the idea being to cast shadows on anything that might be ahead and for traffic in front or behind be able to see some sort of beam shooting at a stupid angle to draw their attention to my presence..

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3) because we had a HELOC with a fairly large balance at one point and counted the spending on the HELOC as an expense, so the paying off the principle of the account has to be savings. Otherwise the numbers wouldn add up right. It sounds like for your student loan the spending was never part of the equation which is why you are considering it spending now..

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