It’s also worth noting that according to published reports


It’s also worth noting that according to published reports

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Aninterviewer asked a woman walking into a store near Times Square if she had heard about the newest unemployment rate and if she thought President Trump had anything to do with it. She had, and she did. “I think Donald Trump is a bad person,” she said, “but some of his economic ideas are very interesting and I like the way he’s standing up to the world.”.

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To me, even if you don even count science into the equation and don consider the obvious impossibility, this is why something like Flat Earth is impossible. You mean to tell me every scientist is lying, and nobody has come out saying “yeah they asked me to lie about the Earth not being flat so I dipped and I here to tell my story it flat”? canada goose deals I don buy it. What point in your scientific career would they even tell you that you have to participate in this conspiracy?.

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