It wouldn’t replica hermes birkin be a J Lo performance without


It wouldn’t replica hermes birkin be a J Lo performance without

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cheap hermes belt The Recording Academy announced earlier this month J Lo would be performing the Motown salute, which met extreme backlash from fans who thought the likes of Gladys Knight, Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson should have been given the honour.Best and worst dressed at the 2019 Grammy AwardsGrammys 2019: How are the Grammy Awards decided?Jennifer Lopez killed it onstage. Picture: Robyn Beck/AFPSource:AFPBut Lopez proved her critics wrong with her high energy, vocally flawless Motown celebration.The Jenny From The Block singer opened with dance classic Dancing In The Street before stripping down to a sparkling one piece, which was just one of her several on stage outfit changes during the lengthy set.The 49 year old was surrounded by dozens of back up dancers who performed in sync with her during the performance, which also featured vocals from Smokey Robinson and from this source Ne Yo.It wouldn’t replica hermes birkin be a J Lo performance without a wild hair flip. Picture: Matt Sayles/Invision/APSource:APSo extra. cheap hermes belt

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