It about people trying to reconcile who they are and who they


It about people trying to reconcile who they are and who they

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buy canada goose jacket cheap When the Tennessee Williams play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof came out in the mid 1950s, it tackled the taboo topic of homosexuality, among others.What was shocking then, however, is not so much now, yet the play sharp dialogue still holds its own, which was evident in Domino Theatre production of the Williams classic that opened this week.The story revolves around a family that owns a cotton harvesting plantation in Mississippi, a plantation that patriarch Big Daddy Pollitt (Michael Catlin) built from the field up. He and wife Big Mama (Penny Nash) had two children, Gooper (Garrett McCrea) and Brick (Damien Schaefer).Brick has withdrawn into a life of drinking after the death of his close friend Skipper, and despite the pleas of wife Maggie (Anne Sophie Grenier), he continues to shun her.Big Daddy, meanwhile, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, but the doctors have been lying to him and Big Mama about his true diagnosis.Meanwhile, Gooper and wife Mae (Helen Bretzke), parents of five, are baldly angling to inherit the plantation instead of the childless Brick and Maggie.The play is a slice of American life in the 1950s. It about people trying to reconcile who they are and who they expected to be.Although the play doesn seem as sexually charged as it did when it first came out, it stills holds up well as an interesting character study of the broken alcoholic that is Brick.The dialogue still has zip, and while there were a few stumbles here and there, this cast was able to deliver. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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Illawarra if accepted into SWAFL will be looking for equity in terms of match scheduling with at least half of their matches to be played in the region at UOW Oval No. 3. With the positive vibe in the air, timeframes will be accordingly developed by the club whether to pursuit an entry into the SWAFL season or a contigency plans should the venture not go ahead..

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