I waited tables in high school


I waited tables in high school

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This restaurant in Austin is catching the US up with the rest of the world

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The ones making the big bucks need this fiercely competitive cut throat system to stay valuable even though it at the expense of what is essentially their younger selves. She hire a landscaper who quotes her a price. Then she wants to pay him more. I told her over and over to not do that, but for some reason she thinks she should tip people canada goose outlet mall who work at a flat, agreed upon rate. Hell, she probably tips her car mechanic too.

canada goose clearance EDIT: To clarify, my elderly, slightly senile mother is on a fixed income and does canada goose outlet store winnipeg this even though she been charged prices for jobs that clearly have ample profit built in. I do agree that the gesture is wonderful, but just not at all appropriate. The servers there kind of just stopped by whenever and didn’t care if you had to wait 2 minutes for a refill or 10 for them to greet you, because they were getting paid the same anyway. Some American kids dropping paper trash on the floor were quickly snapped at by management to pick it up, while here in America management would canada goose black friday sales toronto come over and pick it up for you with a big smile while asking canada goose black friday usa how your night went. I waited tables in high school, and I made more an hour than anyone in the kitchen but the main chef (although didnt get benefits). And everyone back there worked harder too. Hell my sister was a waitress at one of the top restaurants in one of https://www.naslsoccerbowl.com the largest cities in the country, and made more per hour than she does now as a doctor (resident, although that more a factor of the ridiculous hours she forced to work, again because you can complain to people who have power over your future). canada goose clearance

canada goose uk shop There also a lot more politics, ass kissing, and abuse because those friday and saturday night shifts are the ones that make or break you, so the manager, or whoever is scheduling your shifts has a lot of power over you. And when people have canada goose chilliwack bomber black friday that kind of power, a certain percentage of them are going to abuse it. “Ask” you to clock out early, stay late and help out when a dishwasher calls in sick, stick around for another shift at the last minute, and if you are a woman, sexual harassment, unwanted advances, constant sexual innuendo. canada goose uk shop

canada goose black friday sale So many people taking part in the tip vs no tip debate forget how utterly canada goose coats uk unreasonably the tipping custom causes those who actually produce the food to be treated. canada goose black friday sale

This is not just about the wages of frontline employees. It is about the wages of all of them. Unless a place has a famous chef or lots of stars to its name, you be hard pressed to find cooks who make as much every night as the canada goose black friday sale uk girl who got hired two weeks ago. (Unless, of course, they own the joint. But at that point they are the owner and not just an employee.)I a cook and honestly both jobs are hard. I don know the first thing about serving and could never deal with the asshole customers we get. But at the same time, we the Canada Goose Online ones in a 90 100 degree kitchen getting cuts and burns, trying to cook 30 different steaks all different doneness, and timing every part of the meal to come down all at once, while also picking up slack when we don have a dishwasher (I can speak for all places but at my job servers won even come NEAR dishes and expect the cooks to do it all).

canada goose coats on sale They both hard jobs. But servers still make way more money than anyone in back of house. One of our cooks switched to serving because he made more in tips. There bullshit claims saying they make $2/hr. They, at minimum, make minimum wage if their tips canada goose outlet do not amount to $7.25/hr over the course of a week (could be pay period) canada goose coats on sale.