Hoose argued that Ciccolo should be released on a “strict


Hoose argued that Ciccolo should be released on a “strict

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magistrate judge held Alexander Ciccolo without bail after a detention hearing canada goose outlet Tuesday, which included a video segment showing the illegal firearms defendant repeatedly affirming his allegiance to ISIS to an FBI agent.

Ciccolo’s detention hearing drew an unparalleled swarm of media to the federal courthouse on State Street. Prosecutors unsealed a criminal complaint a day earlier that portrayed the defendant as a budding domestic terrorist.

An affidavit filed in connection with the complaint by FBI Agent Paul Ambrogio stated that Ciccolo, 23, of Adams, was caught on several recorded conversations with a government informant outlining a fluid plan to detonate homemade explosives in public places. The targets allegedly included a college cafeteria at lunchtime and a police station.

The defendant also was caught on tape lauding terrorist strikes across the globe canada goose outlet black friday including the deadly attacks that killed 38 at canada goose outlet store uk a beach resort in Tunisia, according goose outlet canada to court records.

An irony in the case: Ciccolo’s father is canada goose outlet a Boston Police captain who was a first responder at the Marathon bombings, which the defendant also planned to emulate, according to prosecutors.

“He canada goose uk outlet came Canada Goose Outlet to espouse these unimaginable canada goose outlet thoughts and accepted ISIL’s call to action and. dedicated himself to killing as many innocent people as he canada goose outlet new york city could. Attorney Kevin O’Regan told Roberston during the detention hearing. “He then went about acquiring canada goose uk shop implements. including a pressure cooker, so that he could emulate the Tsarnaev brothers.”

Ciccolo was arrested on July 4 after picking up a duffel bag filled with weapons from the government witness, slinging it over his shoulder to head home, O’Regan said. He does Canada Goose Parka not yet face any terror related charges. He is charged with illegally possessing a firearm as a felon. canada goose store He was convicted of an OUI earlier this year, according to court records.

On the nine minute video, Ciccolo is shown repeatedly telling the agent that ISIS is “a good thing.”

“They’re freeing people from oppression. Wherever they go, they’re changing things,” Ciccolo says. “The people you see being executed, they’re canadian goose jacket criminals. They’re the lowest of the low. (the Islamic State) canada goose outlet sale doesn’t kill women and children. Those are lies.”

But if they had, he added, they were infidels fighting against ISIS and would have deserved it.

“If you don’t fight, you won’t be killed,” he tells the agent.

However, Ciccolo had also created a Facebook page under the name “Ali Al Amriki.”

Capt. Robert Ciccolo was not present in the courtroom, though the defendant’s mother and stepfather were. Ciccolo, in shackles and handcuffs, shuffled into the courtroom and mouthed “I love you” to his mother.

She entered the courthouse covering her face with a sweater.

Defense attorney David P. Hoose argued that Ciccolo should be released on a “strict, zero curfew” with no access the Internet or electronic devices.

“Mr. Ciccolo is extraordinarily canada goose outlet toronto factory close official canada goose outlet with his mother. He would do nothing that would put his mother in harm’s way,” including fleeing if he were released, Hoose said, adding that Ciccolo’s mother lives in “a remote canada goose black friday sale community in Berkshire County.”

He also told Robertson that his client was canada goose sorry for viciously stabbing an intake nurse at the Franklin County jail in the head with a pen during a standard process. Ciccolo canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet online uk feels bad about that; he regrets it,” Hoose said.

It is unclear whether Ciccolo will face assault charges in connection with that incident.

The defense attorney faced dozens of reporters outside the courthouse after the hearing shouting questions at him including about his client’s motivations and where Ciccolo’s mother lives.

Hoose declined to answer many of the substantive questions but pointed out that his client currently only faces the firearms charge. He conceded that further charges may be pending, but argued at this point, “beliefs don’t amount to actions.”

However, prosecutors argued Ciccolo was in the midst of action when he picked up the guns and told canada goose outlet in usa the government witness he had begun assembling homemade explosives. Hoose told reporters that Ciccolo took the guns but didn’t pay any money for them.

When asked how he could reconcile an alleged domestic terrorist with a https://www.dvu-nds.de father who was a police captain in a city forever imprinted by the Marathon bombings, Hoose responded:.