He messaged again to say he enjoyed every minute with me and


He messaged again to say he enjoyed every minute with me and

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Which Bay Area festivals are worth attending if you’re not into dancing?

I recently got back from Burning Man. Even though I’m not into live music canada goose factory outlet or partying, it was super fun! I notice there are a lot of festivals and parties in the Bay Area that have similar canada goose outlet store aesthetics or involve the same people (Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Further Future, SF Decompression, Ghost Ship, etc.) but I’m wondering which ones are really “music festivals with some art” and which ones have plenty of stuff for the art and science lovers. [more inside]

My divorcing bf of 5mo ended it, saying he wants to fall in love with me cheap canada goose uk and give himself wholeheartedly to me but can’t let himself and needs time to heal from his marriage. He messaged next day saying he has set up counselling and will sort everything out, I responded to say he should take the time he needs to heal. He messaged again to say he enjoyed every minute with me and is sorry he’s not himself at the moment. Every time he messages it’s hard as I miss him but I don’t want to canada goose outlet cut contact as I hope he’ll come back. What should I do?

posted by Anastasia100

on Jun 29, 2016

Help me choose a swamp cooler canada goose clearance sale design and source parts!

I’m going to Burning Man this year and would like to build a swamp canada goose outlet online cooler for my canada goose Canada Goose online outlet canada Hexayurt. Tricky part is that I’m noticing there are a TON goose outlet canada of designs out canada goose outlet there, many with optional recharging circuits involving Arduinos and things, which seems much more complex than I canada goose coats on sale actually need. Can someone recommend a specific parts list and instruction set that I can simply order online, and assemble over the course of canada goose outlet uk a couple Canada Goose sale of hours? [more inside]

posted by sirion

on Jul 29, 2015

So I’m canada goose clearance pretty much not looking for a suit on craigslist anymore, right?

I have a very very niche job. I’ve been doing it for over ten years now and have made about $28,000 per year. Because of my experience, I was called in for a meet and greet. It was going to lead nowhere. So, I canada goose outlet shop pretty much blew it off, and blew the next one off, and showed up to the third because it was on my way home.

They hired me and gave me a job that pays about $786,000 per canada goose black friday sale year. I was told that they had reservations about me and told me they were bothered by the fact that I wore “denim with unpatched holes” at the canada goose outlet new york city interview. I didn’t even think I was being considered. This is very unreal. And now I will have a job that pays me more in my bimonthly check than my last year’s canada goose outlet reviews entire gross. I will be working with a different clientele, and my position will have more prestige than previously.

So how do I dress? [more inside]

posted by anonymous

on Aug 20, 2014

In search of kathleen hanna’s man dress

how/where do i go about getting a dress with a man print like this one? i’m at a loss as to even how to search for such a dress as man print gives me either leopard print, or mad men dresses. i’m based in https://www.buchholz-net.de australia but happy to canada goose uk black friday buy o/s and i’m a large size around a aus 14.

i’m fine with change going without sleeves, finding a print option where i just get one made, finding a large man print fabric and getting a dress made i’m just looking for how to go about getting one.

posted by gusset

on Sep 25, 2013

truth/data backing up my intuition on gender marketing music?

I’m about to ask a perhaps sexist question about the possible differences in how men and women broadly speaking identify with songs in marketing. But first, some set up.

As a branding exercise, I’ve canada goose uk shop been working on tackling a fictitious start up consisting of two fashion retailer brands. One’s a men’s brand, and one’s a women’s brand, both part of the same fictitious umbrella corporation. When fleshing out the details of any brand, I like to immerse myself in the environment of that brand as much as possible, approaching it almost like a method actor approaches a role. Part of this process for me is usually creating a playlist of music I identify as feeling right for that brand. Songs I can imagine playing in the store itself. official canada goose outlet I noticed my thought process behind selecting tracks for the menswear and womenswear brands were entirely different, and I’m wondering if there’s any underlying truth or data to support my intuitions. [more inside].