Continue to learn and cultivate your relationship with God


Continue to learn and cultivate your relationship with God

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The College of Business at ACU MAcc

A: My education at ACU has taught me a lot about learning how to see the world from other people perspectives and to be a better listener. That applies primarily to my classes outside of my canada goose outlet business classes such as my bible classes, my communications classes, and other electives I have had to take over the years. As far as my education in the accounting department, I feel as though I canada goose outlet calgary have been prepared by the accounting department to understand the technical skills I will need to further my career as a CPA. It feels really great to come out of four years of school and know canadian goose coat black friday that I actually have the skill sets to be successful in a canada goose parka outlet uk specific field and to also know that I will use what I learned in those classrooms every day in my career. In the business management department, my professors prepared me for my future by exposing me to different aspects of business as a whole, they inspired me to set extraordinary goals and challenged me to dream big (like in entrepreneurship class with Jim Litton), and above all else, they prepared me by showing me they believed in me.

A: Wow, that is a really hard question. I don know if I can necessarily pick a favorite, but it more so a combination of all the times professors tried really hard to make bad jokes in class, when they invited us over for or when they invited us to worship events at their church. My most cherished memories have been when professors stopped class to give us a talk about life or when they shared what was going on in their lives to give us encouragement in ours. My favorite experience at ACU by far has been getting to have my professors over and over again in class and building relationships with them to where I know they actually care about their students. From book club with Dr. Laura Phillips to bible study with Dr. Easter, they all have made a huge impact on my canada goose jacket uk mens life as a student at ACU. The professors at ACU are funny, they are thoughtful, they are kind, and they are beyond caring.

A: Answering this question is difficult because the professors are all so different. All of the professors are great and they all bring a different character to the classroom. Content wise and professor wise, I would have to say Income Tax with Dr. Fowler has been my favorite class as an undergraduate. I dreaded having to take that class because, well, who wants to learn about taxes? I canada goose outlet website legit found that Dr. Fowler is one of few people in the world who can actually make learning about tax fun. He made us laugh almost every day and he challenged us, but he also believed in us. I also currently in his Corporate Tax class in the MAcc program and I can say that may be the hardest class I have ever taken but I still love it because he teaches it and constantly re affirms us that we can do it.

canada goose clearance A: I spoke a little about Dr. Fowler in that last question, but to answer this question, Dr. Fowler was my favorite professor because he went above and beyond to make us know that we are more than just a number in his class. He is typically known for teaching some of the hardest classes in the accounting department but he is also the professor that sends us emails to tell us he believes in us, that he is proud of us, and that he is here for us. Almost every day in class, he tells us a funny story to make what should be boring content enjoyable, and several times throughout the semester he has stopped class to point out seasons of celebration in our own lives and other times he took the time to be real with where he at and the hardships that life faces us all. He made our classes become family and I would go back and take those extremely hard classes again as long as I knew he was teaching it. canada goose clearance

A: I would tell them to choose ACU because it is like no other college they will go to. The Difference is the community that you find along the way. This should be apparent in my responses from earlier questions, but the professors, the faculty, and the students have shown me what it is to look at those who are different from me and want to learn from them, to learn how to love them, and to be surrounded by a circle of people who have your back 100%. As I leave ACU, I feel completely supported and surrounded by an extraordinary amount of love and I am thankful. You will never be a number here. The first year is tough at any college, but as you continue to grow your experience here, you will walk around and be known, and that is what the walking in the Kingdom looks like.

What made your destination a unique place to study?

uk canada goose outlet We didn’t really have a home city. Instead, we traveled to three cities: Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. We chose Australia and New Zealand because we had business contacts there and for their diverse cultures. uk canada goose outlet

uk canada goose What businesses were you able to visit? uk canada goose

Canada Goose sale We visited a number of companies and organizations. These include PWC, KPMG, EY, the Sydney Wool Exchange, The Australian Accounting Standards Board, The Australian Auditing Standards Board, ANZ Bank, Australia New Zealand Chartered Accountants, and Xerox. Canada Goose sale

Did you take the students on any sight seeing tours?

cheap Canada Goose In Sydney we went to Taronga Zoo. Taronga is a world class zoo with cheap canada goose uk many different animals from around the world. We also took a nighttime harbor cruise during the Vivid Sydney festival, which was outstanding. In New Zealand, we toured Hobbiton where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed as well as the Hobbit canada goose freestyle vest uk movies. We also went to the Te Puia Maori Village cultural center in Rotorua. On their own, the students also traveled to the Blue Mountains, Manly Beach, and Bondi Beach in Sydney. They attended an Aussie Rules football game, went to Brighton Beach, and watched the penguins come ashore in Melbourne. In New Zealand, the students traveled to several locations outside of Auckland. cheap Canada Goose

What is it like to be able to spend so much time with students in another country? How does it differ than being in a classroom setting in Abilene?

The experience was outstanding! You get to know the students so well and they get to know you beyond what they see in the classroom. It allows you to speak into their lives on a much deeper level. We learned so much about the students and, hopefully, they know us and our families better.

What were your favorite moments/experiences of the trip?

canada goose uk outlet Two things stood out for me. First, my wife and I were able to renew friendships with people we haven’t seen in 27 years. As far canada goose outlet paypal as the academic part of the trip, there are so many things that were enjoyable and informative. I don’t think we had a bad visit and it is really hard to point to one thing. It was interesting as I was reading the students’ journals as they would say, “This is the best thing on the trip!” And then just a day or two later, they would say the same thing! As far as the sightseeing, I would have to say the trip to Hobbiton was the best thing we did. canada goose uk outlet

Character and integrity count. Be trustworthy and admit your mistakes. 1:1 3

Establish goals and learn to manage yourself and your career. Begin with the end in mind and ask yourself where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years? Reassess your goals at different points along the way. Invest in and work to continually improve yourself. Root your goals in prayer and God. 16:3

buy canada goose jacket Find a mentor(s) inside and outside of your employer, preferably someone older who can give you different perspectives. As you grow older, find someone you can mentor. buy canada goose jacket

What are your priorities in life going to be? Your priorities reflect where you spend your time.

Be a lifelong learner. Always seek to learn something new. Continue to learn and cultivate your relationship with God.

Be a servant leader. Put others first and be an encourager. Be salt and light in the world.

Remember where you came from. Remember your roots especially ACU. Stay connected to and be proud of being an ACU graduate. Remember the investment others have poured into you and pay it forward to the next generation of students that come through ACU.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Stay involved with your church and community. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Remember to give back. Give of your time and talents, not just your money. Make giving back the first thing you do be intentional about it. Remember who your money belongs to. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Online Keep your eyes on Jesus. Everything falls in uk canada goose store reviews to place canada goose outlet in vancouver if you keep your eyes on Jesus. And let us runwith perseverancethe race marked out for us,fixing our eyes on Jesus,the pioneerand perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross,scorning its shame,and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 12:1 2 Canada Goose Online

Kaitlyn Renner Allen and Dr. John Neill

Dr. John Neill presented the Outstanding MAcc Graduate of the Year award to Kaitlyn Renner Allen. As an undergraduate student, Kaitlyn majored in Accounting while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout the undergraduate and graduate accounting programs. She was President of Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honors Society; a member of Phi Eta Sigma Academic Honor Society; and a member of GATA Women’s ACU Social Club. Worth office starting this July.