As I implied above, I did not, though of course there is no


As I implied above, I did not, though of course there is no

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cheap canada goose uk That brief diversion aside, and at risk of losing the up vote support of r/t_Ds by having a nuanced opinion, addressing the initial chain of comments you might find Chart 2 at the link above interesting, as the countries ranked lower in economic freedom cluster towards the low end of GDP per Capita (PPP). You note that even China, who I would argue is the most successful (again in terms of providing for their own people) communist regime, allows private ownership of business and foreign investment (and are doing better than America my most standards using their balance of socialist capitalist policies I blame the gub almost as if the markets are able to manage the day to day things better than a panel of regulators with at best limited information and at worst anti prole agendas (note, capitalism is still vulnerable to limited information and agendas, it simply distributes the power to the individual and the population as a whole, rather than solely to the party). A planned economy certainly has many advantages, but often the benefits only last so long as the country is playing to other developed nations. cheap canada goose uk

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