As any iPhone fan knows, even the best smartphone becomes


As any iPhone fan knows, even the best smartphone becomes

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Top 10 Best New iPhone 6S

Excited about the latest crop of iPhones? Apple recent announcement has plenty of people rushing out to pre order a new device. And with that new smartphone comes that familiar itch to pick up some shiny new accessories. You probably planning on picking up a new iPhone 6s case, but don overlook accessories. As any iPhone fan knows, even the best smartphone becomes sturdier, more powerful, and more fun to use when you have the right iPhone accessories.

Buying one of Canada Goose Parka the newest iPhone models? Check out our guide to the best canada goose factory sale iPhone accessories to pair with your new phone. Want even more iPhone inspiration? Check out our guides to the best iPhone cases, or read up on the best selfie sticks. Looking for more accessory ideas? Check out canada goose outlet our guide to the best iPhone 8 accessories.

As the iPhone line has steadily crept up in size with each passing year, an increasing number of users find themselves using a stylus with their smartphone. If you are one uk canada goose of canada goose outlet reviews them, canada goose outlet toronto factory consider upgrading from your current stylus to the ultra luxe Pencil.

Under normal use, canada goose you won need to recharge Pencil for about a month. The battery can be slid out and recharged on any standard USB port in under 90 minutes. It has a tapered tip for a wide range of writing, drawing, and shading angles. The Pencil feels natural and balanced in your hand, and it canada goose coats can be used to create really cheap canada goose subtle canada goose outlet sale art thanks to special surface pressure, erase, and blend settings. Bluetooth pairing is painless, and the Pencil runs canada goose outlet uk sale for a month before needing a top up charge.

Plenty of Apple fans are upset that the base model iPhones have such wimpy onboard storage. Enhance your device storage capabilities with this private cloud device. It compatible with Mac, Windows computers, Android, and iOS mobile devices. Lima is also Air Play compatible, which is a huge perk for those who enjoy watching movies at home.

Using this personal cloud storage system, you can access all your files in one place, ostensibly increasing your iPhone storage capacity by canada goose outlet leaps and bounds. It also available in a lot of fun colors, so you can find a shade that suits your personality and home decor.

Price: $149 ($50 off coupon available for a limited time via the link below)

Buy the Lima Smart Private Cloud Device here.

This iOS only gadget is the perfect iPhone accessory for Canada Goose Outlet parents with young kids. This sleep sensor goes under a child mattress, and transmits data to the parent smartphone. Just answer four simple questions about your child sleep on the Lully iOS app, and Lully learns your child night terror pattern. In scientific studies with over 10,000 nights canada goose outlet shop of testing, the Sleep Guardian consistently stopped up to 90 percent of night terrors. There are lots of iPhone accessories that promise better sleep, but few have the focus on kids that this gadget offers.

Price: $129

Buy the Lully Sleep Guardian here.

4. Flic: The Wireless Smart ButtonInterested in the smart home revolution? Flic is a cheap gadget that plays nice with iOS devices, or really any device that offers Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Flic can be used in a number of different ways. It can canada goose outlet in usa canada goose uk black friday be programmed to launch your music, turn on your lights, take a photo, set a timer, or make a call. In addition to being a quick shortcut for smart home functionality, this little button can also be used for personal safety. Flic can be clipped to your clothes, and tapped in the event of an emergency. The button will send your GPS location to friends and family, so they know you are in distress. The battery lasts for a year with normal usage, and the Flic unit itself is canada goose outlet new york city weather and dust resistant.

Price: $34

Buy Flic: The Wireless Smart Button here.

5. 3D Sound Labs One 3D Audio Headphones

After splurging on a new smartphone, your checking account might be feeling the strain. But if you can afford them, this intense headphones provide a stellar audio experience. If you spend any amount of time listening to music, watching movies, or buy canada goose jacket cheap playing games while on your Note, then great headphones are a must. And with 18 hours battery life, you can canada goose jacket outlet enjoy uninterrupted music all day long. If you looking canada goose outlet online for a more immersive audio experience, these headphones are a must have. Designed for iOS devices, a Windows beta for gaming is coming soon.

Price: $270.33 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the 3D Sound Labs One headphones here.

6. InnoGear Selfie Stick With Remote Shutter Telescopic Tripod

Extending up to 31.5 inches, this InnoGear selfie stick is a nice choice for iPhone owners, though it fits a wide assortment of smartphones. The battery size for the Bluetooth selfie stick is 120mah, so canada goose outlet nyc it can last about six days on standby, or run continuously for about 40 hours. The whole selfie stick kit can fit in the included carrying case.