Above all, the negotiator should keep a positive, upbeat


Above all, the negotiator should keep a positive, upbeat

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The negotiator should never argue with a hostage taker and never say no to a demand. Instead, the negotiator should use delaying tactics or make a counter offer. Above all, the negotiator should keep a positive, upbeat attitude, reassuring the hostage taker that everything will eventually work out peacefully.”.

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Canada Goose Outlet They’ll also talk to you throughout pre op, making sure you’re well informed and feeling confident and comfortable with the procedure. They do both of those things anyway, even if you are having another type of surgery with general anesthesia, because being calm and positive about the surgery is strongly positively correlated with better recovery. Then they can definitely keep that positive conversation up during the procedure, talking you through it, helping you focus on something calming, etc Canada Goose Outlet.