99 you can get English Spanish or Spanish English translation


99 you can get English Spanish or Spanish English translation

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If you’re wondering how in the hell they connected “strangling” with “boners,” the answer is every bit as terrifying as you’re probably guessing. The practice started when observers at public hangings noticed that male victims often sported an erection after death, sometimes even ejaculating at the moment of. Wikipedia even has an article on “death erections,” which the editors at Cracked have already claimed as the name of their upcoming metal band side project..

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Why does the crew not know what their job is? Because classified jobs pay more and Peter Weyland is worried about corporate espionage. What’s the black goo? A bioweapon originally intended for Earth. Why does the Engineer throw a temper tantrum when people wake him up? Because he has a xenomorph in his belly and is awaiting medical care our heroes have effectively doomed both him and the planet.

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