26, 2018″ > >Episode 411: Running a Baltimore school, Part 4:


26, 2018″ > >Episode 411: Running a Baltimore school, Part 4:

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cheap canada goose uk 27, 2018″ > >Episode 412: Running a Baltimore school, Part 5: Marc Martin, Commodore John Rodgers Elementary Middle SchoolMarc Martin approach has guided an impressive turnaround in academic performance and enrollment. 26, 2018″ > >Episode 411: Running a Baltimore school, Part 4: Cindy Harcum, Baltimore City College High SchoolWith all of her students focused on college, Cindy Harcum started a peer tutoring program and made college level courses the norm. 25, 2018″ > >Episode 410: Running a Baltimore school, Part 3: Emily Hunter, Arlington Elementary Middle SchoolThe daughter of a former Baltimore schools superintendent, Hunter created a wellness center and a series of monthly events to encourage students to stay focused on studies while engaging their parents in the life of the school and in preparing their children for it. cheap canada goose https://www.canadagoosejacket-outlett.ca uk

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